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Get a solid foundation

Everything you need to know about Design Sprints in one place with no sales pitches. Solid foundations on how to perform user research, ideation, and prototyping in fast-paced low-budget projects.
Get in shape to run your own Design Sprints.

Master Design Sprints

You'll learn two lean approaches to Design Sprints: Google Ventures (SPRINT) and The MVS, Minimum Valuable Service (THE SERVICE STARTUP). Master the agenda, methods, and resource management of both approaches, practice and gain full confidence to D.I.Y.

Get certified

Pass the exam and become part of our global community of Sprint Masters. Started in 2014, hundreds of Sprint Masters are already part of this community, making it the biggest and fastest growing community for Design Sprints. Exchange knowledge worldwide.

Acquired Skills & Knowledge

Along with teaching you the roots and foundations, our comprehensive program uses rich scenarios and a peer designing approach to expose you to the practice and give you the confidence and skills you need to plan and execute your own Design Sprints.
Here you can see the areas of knowledge we cover rated from 0% to 100%, where a full bar means we cover the most relevant topics related to that area.

Design Thinking: 100%

Service Design tools and concepts: 80%

User centered Research: 80%

Agile and Lean Startup concepts: 60%

Co-development with ideation and prototyping: 100%

How to plan and execute Design Sprints: 100%

What you will learn and practice at Design Sprint School.

During the four-week program we will present a balance of theory and practice. Participants will run their own Design Sprints while also playing the role of user for another participant.This is what we call peer designing. With our unique approach to peer designing, you get to ride both sides. You will learn how users feel when participating in a Design Sprint and use that knowledge to make better decisions as a Sprint Master.
The dynamic of the program is self-paced with weekly practices, so you can take your time going through theory and concepts. You will have until the end of each week to upload your practice, give feedback to your peer, and receive feedback from both your peer and the mentor. This is your chance to run your first Design Sprint project with users right off the bat.

Week #1 - Foundations + Maps

Time requirement: 6 hours.
Learn the foundational skills and concepts necessary for you to go beyond canvas-operation and get into the thinking of Design Sprints.
You will get paired with a peer and kick-start your Design Sprint during this week.

Concept: Foundations
- Why Design Sprints? 
- The need for speed.
- The need for Design
- Design Thinking foundations

How's it made: Funnels and Ecosystems.

Practice: Mapping the ecosystem. 
- MVS model :: The Time Machine.
- GV model :: Map.

Week #2 - People + Journeys

Time requirement: 8 hours.
Learn how to frame the problem in a way to inspire the sprinting team to pursue it like a challenge. You will also learn how to interview users and profile them during this week.

How's it made: User research and journeys.
- Framing the Challenge.
- Human Centered Research.
- Personas.
- Consumer Journeys.

Practice: Interviewing users and mapping their journeys.
- MVS model :: Sprint Ethnography, Hero profile, Recruitment, in-depth conversation, Hero Quest.
- GV model :: Ask the experts, HMW questions, Lightning demos.

Week #3 - Ideas + focus

Time requirement: 6 hours.
Based on the insights gathered on week two, you will learn how to design solutions using both standalone and co-participatory approaches.

How's it made: Ideation and refinement.
- Ideation sessions.
- Design Principles.

Practice: Ideation
- MVS model :: Swap ideation, Service Principles.
- GV model :: The four step sketch, Storyboard.

Week #4 - Test + Manage

Time requirement: 8 hours
Learn how to prototype your solutions using cheap and easy-to-change materials. Also, learn best-practices on how to manage, measure, and prioritize the results of a Design Sprint.

How's it made: Early stage prototypes, design sprint management, ROI.
- Early stage prototyping.
- Managing Design Sprints.
- Measuring Results.
- Building a prioritized backlog.

Practice: Prototype and user testing
- MVS model: Prototyping, Build backlog
- GV model: Prototyping, look for patterns.

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Tuition and plans

Student track

All you need to master your
Design Sprints and get certified
as Sprint Master.

  • Certificate of completion if you
    score 70% or higher

  • 45 days access to the content

  • One attempt to do the Sprint Master certification exam

  • Mentor and peer-designing 

Enroll as a student

Mentor track

Student tack plus one year of access, first as a student then as a mentor (given pass score).

  • Mentor freshmen and exchange knowledge with other mentors

  • 365 days of access to the content

  • Access to new materials updated weekly

  • Sprint again in brand new scenarios

Enroll to be A mentor


Customized training based
on your goals and available resources. From kick-off to
ramp-up, our team will help you
instill Design Sprints into your
product development culture.

  • Customized training

  • Physical bootcamp experiences

  • Custom physical materials.

  • Private Sprint Master community

  • Mentors on real Design Sprints

  • Graduate internal trainers
    and mentors

  • Connect with our global Community

contact us to Learn
more about how to ignite a culture of design sprints
Our community of certified Sprint Masters have collectively run over 1,000 Design Sprints worldwide.

Design Sprints proved to be a valuable tool for accelerating our early-stage, service-driven innovation initiatives. The Design Sprint School team and approach have been instrumental in helping us create the environment and the internal capacity to deliver our own service Design Sprints.

Oseas Ramirez

Innovation Manager @ CISCO 

"I rediscovered the energy I felt years ago during Stanford's Ignite in the first design thinking training I did"

Ghislain Bourgin

Innovation Leader @ Fortune 500 Company (France)

"The Design Sprint helped us find an alternative business model and revenue stream and we ended up pivoting the business. Huge impact on our startup in such a short period of time. Business changing experience"

Nick Larson

Founder of a Silicon Valley based startup.

Our core team

Since 2014 we have been teaching people of different skill levels and cultures around the globe how to perform Design Sprints. From startup founders in Silicon Valley, to small business owners in Brazil; from innovation powerhouses like Cisco to government agencies in  Malaysia. We've been busy, and we know how to prepare you to run your own Design Sprints.

Harold Schultz

Principal Mentor

Harold is a UX designer certified by Nielsen Norman group (NN/g). He is a Sprint Master and our lead mentor, on active duty sprinting with companies almost every week. At any given time it's more likely he will talk to you while sprinting with startups, NGO, large organizations, or governmental agencies in places like the US, Canada, Singapore, Paris, London.

Carolina C.

Student experience

Carolina is our Student Experience wizard. She is responsible for handling the on-boarding, on-going, and graduation experiences. She is here to guarantee all our students have the materials they need to succeed, as well as resolving any issues our students might have. She is also a certified Sprint Master who graduated at the top of her class with a kick-ass Arduino prototype.

Ed Ceballos

Enterprise & Growth

Ed is the go-to-guy for enterprise initiatives. No one does enterprise engagement as tailored and emphatically as he does. He is a Sprint Master who you can reach for advice on corporate Design Sprint culture development. Ed has Growth Marketing super powers and is a co-founder of Design Sprint School and the CEO of &

Designed and written by:

Tenny Pinheiro

Designer & Serial Entrepreneur.

Tenny lives in Silicon Valley, CA. He pioneered the integration between Lean Startup and Service Design Thinking, which culminated in his book published in 2014, The Service Startup: Design Thinking gets Lean. Since then, Tenny has founded the community and the decentralized incubator He has designed corporate accelerator programs for companies like Cisco in Silicon Valley and has run, mentored, and directly influenced over 1,000 Design Sprints worldwide. Before his work with Design Sprints, he was the founder and the CEO for five years at the Latam studio of Livework, the British pioneer Service Design firm. He is also the author of four books on Design Thinking and Service Design, and a permanent columnist at the influential online design magazine Core77. Tenny is considered a top global leader and influencer in the fields of Service Design, Service Innovation, and Design Thinking.
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